Groom & Groom Weddings

Candlewood Strings is open for service to everyone. Two grooms seeking to get married around Central Indiana have every option as a bride and groom, but can avoid incorrect assumptions and the pressure of wondering if they’re really welcome.

All of our musicians along with our founder, Larry Sauer, respect and care deeply about every wedding, couple, and guest.

Grooms who have spent time picking out their ties, event location and style of their photos and invitations can add a new twist with Candlewood Strings.

Hire our professional, prompt, and fun DJs for your reception, and bundle in a performance by a solo violinist, or a duet on any number of instruments to produce an additional sense of taste and class during the wedding ceremony. Custom arrangements can be designed for modest fees of $45-$75 per piece.

Offering classical and contemporary performances, as well as any combination of string instruments and ensembles, you can replace “Here Comes the Bride” with something that matches the character and love between you and your soon-to-be husband.