Bride & Groom Weddings

In the lead-up to your wedding you’ll be responsible for organizing seating arrangements, floral display locations, answering questions from the caterer and more. The music is one thing you can cross off the list early.

Candlewood Strings can provide your event with a DJ like any modern wedding. But you can also enjoy a string quartet during the day, and a DJ for the reception. Or, if you’re having a cocktail reception, consider three styles of music in the same day. Candlewood Strings can provide you and your guests a string quartet performing not only traditional wedding music but your favorite pop/rock music as before, during, or after your ceremony.

Invite your closest friends and family members for a celebratory cocktail hour as light melodies and traditional wedding music plays in the background. As more of your guests arrive and take their seats for the ceremony imagine walking down the aisle to a full string quartet or ensemble to “Here Comes the Bride.” If that isn’t your style, imagine walking down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” or your favorite contemporary hit song.

Afterwards, your guests can move to a reception area where one of our DJs or bands can fill the room with a collection of pre-made song selections, custom playlists, or requests from your guests.

You can choose to customize as much or little as you wish to save time and money or add a personal touch. Custom arrangements can be designed for modest fees of $45-$75 per piece. Candlewood Strings will work with you to design the proper instructions for your wedding, on any timeline and to any specific songs. We know how to make weddings and receptions work to save you time and frustration.